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The Leading trophies manufacturer in the MENA Region

About Us

Ambition and commitment are our core values Founded in Riyadh in 2011, Darb has earned the trust of major brands in the region through the quality of its services, establishing continuous strategic partnerships with them.
We believe that the manufacturing of trophies is an artistic process that must achieve the perfect balance between creativity and technical skill to succeed in delivering innovative trophies and producing them in record time.

This is what sets our team apart. We believe that our success, depends on our dedicated and specialized team, working diligently to achieve our clients' goals and always delivering the best.

We aim to bring about a change in trophy manufacturing in the Arab world by offering innovative ideas and reducing costs for our clients. We aspire to become a global exporter in the field of trophy manufacturing, with our products reaching every corner of the world, proudly bearing the emblem of Saudi industry."

Production Phases

1. Idea and Design

2. Sample Execution

3. Full-Scale Manufacturing

Manufacturing All Types of Trophies

12 years of experience in manufacturing trophies and promotional gifts, earning the trust of major companies in the region

Domestic & international Shipping

Manufacturing all types of Trophies with custom designs

Frequently asked questions

Can I send you a design to produce?
Yes, if you have a ready design, you can send it to us, and we will inform you about the design cost, execution time, and any technical modifications needed to enhance the design quality."
Can you deliver me a sample?
"Yes, upon your confirmation of the order, we proceed to manufacture a sample and deliver it to you for approval before proceeding with the full quantity production."
I have an urgent order , when can it be delivered?
We have many ready-made and semi-custom solutions available, especially for urgent needs. Some trophies can be delivered to you within hours upon order approval.

You can contact us directly through WhatsApp or by phone. We are pleased to receive your orders and respond to your inquiries.

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